“What I learned from my failed crowdfunding campaign.” OR “If it was easy everyone would do it.”

First let me say I didn’t fail, I paid for a lesson.

What makes crowdfunding so alluring is it’s very accessible to the masses.  I had a plan, I had my ducks in a row, I had content for the campaign, and I had a great idea. What I didn’t have was any success. Sure, I had donors, but not enough to hit my goal. Hell, I didn’t have enough donors to count on one hand. I did all the right things and I used social media to spread the word. I needed 500 people to donate $10 to hit my goal. How hard could it be, right? Let me tell you it was very hard. I got a ton of emails from 3rd parties trying to help me with my campaign, for a small fee of course. This must be what it’s like when sharks smell fresh blood-they swarm.

It didn’t workout and I returned the money I did raise.  I feel I learned a great lesson from this experience. Never. Give. Up.  I will try again and use the knowledge from my mistakes to do a better job.